The Roundabout is a delightful comedy by JB Priestley, first seen in 1933, not long after his first great success with The Good Companions. Described by The Spectator as “remarkably good entertainment,” it has subsequently disappeared from view.

The Kettlewells are a dysfunctional family. Richard is a charming old Etonian whose business ventures are failing. Over a crowded weekend, his daughter Pamela, whom he hardly knows, returns from Russia, a passionate communist; his ex-wife and mistress both unexpectedly arrive; and his butler has a big win at the races.

The Roundabout is a funny, touching, highly perceptive look at an England in the 1930s, when it looked, just possibly, as if the social order might be changing.

“Fluid, lively, extremely witty dialogue, and the characters are all excellently drawn.”
(from original production)


Cahoots Theatre Company in association with The Other Cheek and Park Theatre presents the First Major Revival of:

By JB Priestley
Director: Hugh Ross
"Communism's all right for a gentleman like yourself, but you'll get over it."


Park Theatre, Finsbury Park, London


24th August 24th September 2016


Lord Kettlewell:  Brian Protheroe

Churton Saunders:  Hugh Sachs

Parsons:  Derek Hutchinson

Alec Grenside:  Ed Pinker

Pamela Kettlewell:  Bessie Carter

Comerade Staggles:  Steven Blakeley

Farrington Gurney:  Charlie Field

Lady Knightsbridge: Richenda Carey

Hilda Lancicourt: Carol Starks

Alice:  Annie Jackson

Lady Kettlewell: Lisa Bowman