1987. Storm. Biggun. One man saw it coming. But then he didn't. This is his story. This is Michael Phish.

It is the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and eighty-seven. The south-eastern corner of the kingdom of United has been deflowered by a vengeful and unenglish-like storm. Celebrated Meteorologist and rising national treasure, Michael Phish, foresee’s it’s arrival but chooses to tell a different story. Many years later, video footage ( in encrypted Betamax ) is pulled from the rubble of the shamed and recently-demolished Met office revealing the reasons behind this treasonous transmission. With an all-star (fore)cast of weather-related personalities from the 1980′s, this show does indeed contain scenes of a dubious and volatile nature.



Cahoots in Association with The Barbary Ape


Written and performed by Mr R Layton with accompanying direction from Mr S Hudson


Assembly Festival Studio 4


August 3rd – 29th 2016